Cobalt’s Platform – Leap-Frogging Portfolio Monitoring Like Never Before

April 28, 2021

After years of market research and direct client input, our latest, milestone platform release is here and it’s raising the bar for portfolio monitoring tools. 

From day one, Cobalt has aimed to provide clients with unparalleled portfolio monitoring tools that free them to focus on their work. Now, we’re driving operational efficiency like never before, with an even more streamlined offering that provides exactly what our clients need, when they need it, in a format that works for every user. 

From our CEO, Jason Weinstein:

“With this new platform release, Cobalt has definitively leap-frogged the portfolio monitoring category on accessibility, sophistication, and value provided to private capital leaders and their teams. We are delivering an entirely new level of operational efficiency and insight for private capital firms. It’s the kind of sophistication the industry has come to expect from every technology they use, and now, portfolio monitoring need not be the exception.”


What to expect from this release:

  • Personalized Dashboards, simplifying and configuring the experience for all users from Partners and and team members spanning finance, investment professionals, portfolio operations and investor relations.
  • Advanced Performance Analytics, bringing even more power to Cobalt’s in-platform analytics such as track record and attribution analysis, cash flow modeling, and easily creating LP reports.
  • Actionable Insights, enabling users to create powerful analyses by comparing specific investment performance with operating metrics and KPIs.
  • Streamlined Data Collection, providing close user control on Portfolio Company communication while further lightening collection workflow lift.
  • Flexible Data Model to track cash flows and investment performance at the transaction level including tracking of cross-over investments, round-level performance, and consolidated investor reporting. 
  • Enhanced Permissions and Controls, delivering more support to account owners and user management capabilities.

The latest version is now available. Reach out to our team to schedule a customized demonstration and see how the latest version of Cobalt’s platform can work for you.