Managed Data Services

Seamless Portfolio Company Data Collection for General Partners

Cobalt’s white-glove data collection service eliminates the time-consuming process of collecting portfolio company data. 

Paired with our exceptional portfolio monitoring platform, our dedicated team provides Managed Data Services (MDS), matching automated data collection with a human touch so that data accuracy and flexibility are never lost to technical automation.

  • Stop chasing portfolio companies for data
  • Eliminate multiple data template uploads
  • Implement an easy data review and approval process
  • Work with dedicated specialists to ensure accuracy

How it Works:


The GP’s portfolio companies submit their financial, operating and KPI metrics along with supporting documents directly to the Cobalt MDS team.


The Cobalt MDS team enters the performance metrics into data collection templates and uploads the data files to the Cobalt database.


The GP receives an automatic email notification when new data collection files are submitted. The GP reviews the submitted data in Cobalt and goes through the workflow-driven review and approval process.


Rinse and repeat on a monthly or quarterly basis — creating custom, flexible metrics as needed.

Portfolio Monitoring + Data Collection

Build one central source of truth. On top of Managed Data Services, Cobalt gives you the tools to create custom data collection templates, send secure data requests, and automate email sequences.

Access the status dashboard to make sure data is collected efficiently and accurately, and keep all critical documents in one central hub, granting access to team members as needed.

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