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Welcome to connected, flowing data, advanced analytics, and on-demand reporting. Personalized for every user.

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Dashboards, Reporting, and Advanced Analytics

From quarterly reporting to ad hoc analysis, Cobalt serves up your performance data the way you need. Translation: no more logging between cumbersome Excel spreadsheet or creating complex pivot tables to get the job done.

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  • Critical cash flow calculations
  • Cross-Portfolio Analysis
  • Peer Analysis
  • Scenario Modeling
  • PME Benchmarking
  • Value Concentration Analysis
  • Deal Scoring Analytics

Here’s what Cobalt offers

Personalized Dashboards

  • Transform data into actionable insights for finance, investment, portfolio operations, investor relations, and executive management team members.
  • Drag and Drop components to create custom dashboard views that match your firm’s unique reporting needs.
  • Visualize all the data most important to your role instantly upon log-in.
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Personalized Dashboards

On-Demand Reporting

  • Craft custom reports with Cobalt’s intuitive reporting technology that aggregates fund performance plus portfolio analytics.
  • View reports online and share access with internal teams or partners.
  • Export reports for distribution the way you need.
On-Demand Reporting

Advanced Calculation Engine

  • Metrics you use: Define and calculate the metrics that define success at your firm.
  • On the timeline you follow: Automatically aggregate data to summarize by quarter or year, including calendar and fiscal periods, LTM, etc.
  • With the formulas you need: Define the formulas you need, so you can drill down into performance metrics the way you actually think about them (i.e. revenue by region, sector, or product; across metrics versions; or performance over a period).
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Advanced Calculation Engine

Cash Flow Analytics

  • Calculate performance metrics including IRR, TVPI, DVPI, and RVPI.
  • Visualize fund performance, value creation, deal scoring, dispersion analysis, cash flow attribution analysis, PME modeling, and much more.
  • Generate LP- and partner-ready charts, tables, and other “data visualizations” for inclusion in critical reports (i.e. LP reports, peer and data reports).
Cash-Flow Analytics


Excel Plug-in

Cobalt’s Excel Plug-in helps you model valuations, automatically populate LP reporting templates, and create ad-hoc reports, all on demand.

excel plugin

  • Populate and update existing spreadsheets with data from Cobalt.
  • Push data from your Excel models back to the Cobalt database when you are ready to use that data in other reports.

Cobalt’s API

Cobalt’s API seamlessly integrates into your existing processes and mission-critical platforms, making it even easier to get data in and out of the Cobalt platform.

Leverage data from your:

CRM Systems
Accounting Systems
Third-party Fund Administrators
And many more..

Custom Metrics & KPI Tracking

It all starts with good data. Whether you are creating new metrics, or updating your numbers, Cobalt provides total flexibility to track the metrics and KPIs relevant to each of your investments:

Create and Manage unlimited fund metrics, portfolio company financial/operating metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Add or change metrics using Cobalt’s intuitive platform as you add portfolio companies or adjust reporting requirements.

Track the complete history of every metric (including changes over time, who made the change, when it was made, and why) in your Cobalt database using our audit trail. For further diligence, add notes and link documents to your data changes.

Flexible Data Ingestion Options

Some call it “data ingestion.” The rest of us call it getting your portfolio company data and fund metrics in a central database to serve as a single source of truth for your firm.

Cobalt removes the labor-intensive pain of the data collection process through:

User-configured Data Collection Templates: Create the template your portfolio companies will find easy to use, filling in the metrics you need.

Automated Email Sequencing: Seamlessly send requests and reminders for data from portfolio companies while ensuring efficient, accurate, and secure data collection.

Data Collection Status Dashboard: Check in on all your portfolio companies’ response statistics, ensuring that data is collected efficiently and accurately.

Document Storage: Store critical documents in a central place, and grant access to those at your firm who need it.

Managed Data Services (MDS): Leverage the Cobalt team to support data collection, ensuring accurate information is entered every time.

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