White Paper

The GP’s Guide to Productivity

How Portfolio Monitoring Technology Can Turbocharge Your Staff 

Is your firm getting the most value out of the very talented (and expensive) professionals it hires? Just look at the spreadsheets and you’ll find all the hidden inefficiencies at a private equity firm.  

The way out of this morass is via portfolio monitoring software specifically designed for monitoring investments and cash flows. It can create a single source of truth for firm data and eliminates mindless busy work for your staff through automations for: 

  • Portfolio Company Reporting 
  • Portfolio Review 
  • Valuations 
  • Financial Accounting 
  • Investor Inquiries 
  • Investor Reporting 

In this guide, we show how Cobalt’s portfolio monitoring software can improve the efficiency of every department in a private equity firm including deal, finance, and investor relations teams. Download the whitepaper today to learn more.