Concord Health Partners Selects Cobalt for Portfolio Monitoring

February 17, 2021

New Client Announcement

Cobalt Software Inc. (“Cobalt”), a leading portfolio monitoring solutions provider for the private capital industry, today announced that healthcare-focused investment firm Concord Health Partners (“Concord”) has selected Cobalt as their portfolio monitoring platform. Concord will utilize the Cobalt platform to enhance internal reporting, streamline LP requests, and automate portfolio company data collection. 

“Centralizing our portfolio company metrics within a flexible, easy-to-use platform enables us to quickly focus on where value is created across our portfolio and identify new opportunities,” said Benson Jose, Chief Financial Officer at Concord. “The Cobalt platform will help us to efficiently collect portfolio company metrics and fund cash flow data to support a wide range of reporting and analytics critical to our management team, investment professionals and investors.”

Cobalt’s portfolio monitoring platform enables private capital firms to efficiently collect, analyze and report on fund and portfolio company performance information. Fund managers use Cobalt to gain operational efficiencies, address investor and management reporting demands, and gather deeper intelligence on the key performance drivers of their funds. 

“We are extremely pleased that Concord has selected Cobalt to optimize their portfolio reporting and analytics  environment,” said Hank Boggio, Chief Commercial Officer  of Cobalt. “Cobalt continues to expand its client base to a diverse set of private capital managers as firms recognize that automation, data consolidation, and customizable reporting and analytics support their ability to attract investors, enhance performance, and create value.”

About Cobalt

Cobalt is private capital’s key to collecting, analyzing, and reporting on fund and portfolio company financial metrics. Private equity and venture capital funds use our intuitive portfolio monitoring platform to gain critical operational efficiencies, address increasingly complex LP and management demands, and, ultimately, competitively position their firm. Based on our clients’ firm size and investment style, we tailor our suite of solutions to match our clients’ portfolio monitoring, cash flow analytics, and benchmarking analysis needs. We also place a premium on client service, so our team is available to our clients to grow smart solutions the way they need. For more information, please visit

About Concord Health Partners

Concord Health Partners (“Concord”) is a private healthcare investment firm with a strategic model that aligns interests between investors and portfolio companies. Concord invests in innovative healthcare companies that enhance the value of care through products, services, technologies and solutions that lower costs, improve quality and expand access to care. To learn more about Concord, please visit: