Beyond the Balance Sheet: the Evolving Role of the CFO

Watch the webinar to get an inside look at lessons learned from private equity CFOs


Jason Weinstein
Director of Private Equity, Cobalt, a FactSet Company
Brian Carroll
Partner, Finance, M13
John Beczak
Partner & Chief Financial Officer, Resource Capital Funds
Christopher Parmo
Partner, Verdane Capital Advisors

The chief financial officer (CFO) role at private equity firms is rapidly evolving under market conditions that demand liquidity, efficiency, and innovation. The CFO needs to act as a focal point for the front, middle, and back offices, while also choosing data solutions to streamline business functions and enhance decision-making. 

 Jason Weinstein, the Senior Director of Private Equity and Venture Capital at FactSet, hosted a webinar to discuss:

  • What are the core skills required to be a CFO today? How crucial is tech savviness?
  • What expectations do partners and investment professionals hold for a modern CFO?
  • What are the efficiencies required to achieve more with less in a down economy?
  • How can CFOs build the optimal tech and operational structure to meet their firm’s most pressing needs?

Watch a replay of the webinar today to learn what these changes mean for today’s private equity CFO, how they can equip themselves to be successful, and an inside look at some lessons learned from industry veterans along the way.

Watch the Webinar: