White Paper

The Private Equity Manager’s Complete Guide to ESG Investing

 Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have moved to center stage in private market investing. Investor expectations for ESG strategies require fund managers to set clear goals, execute on their promises, show steady progress, and provide transparent reporting on the results. 

Cobalt has supported many firms with best-practices as they’ve started incorporating ESG metric tracking into their investment and reporting process. We’ve distilled our experience into this step-by-step guide to developing a sustainability process that:

  • Fits your management company
  • Addresses the needs of your investors
  • Is appropriate for your portfolio companies
  • May even make the world a bit better

Each section of this guide presents the key questions to be answered to define an ESG program. Each question includes a checklist of possible answers that have been successfully used by other fund managers. 

Download the guide and select the choices that are manageable for your organization, reflect its capabilities and specialties, and are most responsive to the needs of your investors.