Flash Report

The Tough Questions LPs are Bound to Ask in a Pandemic

Amid the general concern prompted by the Coronavirus, limited partners have already started calling their general partners to ask about the health of portfolio companies, cash flows, valuations, and prospects for the future. Add to that list of issues one more that’s on the minds of many LPs , even if they won’t ask it out loud: Is the leadership of this fund up to the current challenge?

In this flash report, Cobalt CEO Jason Weinstein outlines the top questions limited partners (LPs) are likely to ask during a pandemic. The piece includes the top questions any private equity fund should plan to field from their LPs, plus considerations GPs should take into account when responding, including:

  • Different ways to look at exposure and risk with your LPs in the context of COVID-19
  • Short- versus long-term impact of COVID-19 on performance metrics
  • Your LPs’ priorities from a portfolio holding perspective

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