The Private Equity Manager’s Complete Guide to ESG Investing

March 23, 2021

Products devoted to social impact investing are growing faster than ever, moving out of socially-minded and niche organizations and into the broader public and private sectors. In 2020 alone, net inflows to ESG focused mutual funds and ETFs in the United States increased tenfold and one-third of all assets managed in the United States for individuals and institutions employ strategies that take social or environmental factors into account.

Clearly, this is no longer a niche investment approach and begs the question: how do private capital firms integrate this strategy, satisfy investors, and increase returns?

At Cobalt, we’ve supported many firms along their path to incorporating ESG metric tracking into their investment process through best-practices and our powerful portfolio monitoring technology. 

And we can help you too. Read our latest e-book which outlines the steps and considerations your organization can take to begin implementing an ESG investment strategy, provide investors with transparent reporting, and still drive the returns you need.

Download the Complete Guide to ESG Investing today.