Best-in-Class Private Capital Platforms Integration

February 19, 2021

As the leading portfolio monitoring platform for private capital firms, we talk to private capital CFOs, Portfolio Operations leaders, and heads of Investor Relations at private equity and venture capital firms day in and day out.

One thing we hear consistently is: there’s a clear need for integration between the best-in-class solutions they use. Ideally they feel like they’re using a holistic suite of tools rather than siloed tech platforms that don’t work together. 

Historically, Cobalt has partnered with DealCloud to ensure our solutions are compatible and today it|venture’s Connect Platform technology is a game changer, providing amazing integration for our clients and prospects. 

In our latest webinar we talk to Emmanuel Mesa, Client Solutions Architect at DealCloud and Rob Cartledge, Manager at it|venture about exactly this conundrum and how we’re all working together to solve for it. 

Watch the webinar now and learn more about how we at Cobalt are tackling this issue for our clients.