Portfolio Monitoring Software: Collaboration Offers New Direction

May 2, 2022

Private market investing is a collaborative enterprise. There’s a lot of information sharing among staff within a general partner and with portfolio-company management, limited partners, and a host of outside partners. And since the Covid pandemic forced all industries to scale back our face-to-face interactions, private-market investors have needed more ways to exchange data electronically.

That’s why a recent release to Cobalt’s Portfolio Monitoring software includes sophisticated collaboration and sharing capabilities. Foremost it’s now possible to design a report or dashboard in collaboration with others, so multiple people can work on a draft report simultaneously before it’s published.

And there’s more.

Once completed, reports can be shared in multiple ways: they can be sent directly to someone or put in a folder to which a group of people have access. Users can be designated as viewers or editors. But any change can be rolled back to a previous version. Anyone familiar with Google Drive will feel very comfortable with the approach in Cobalt. 

In addition, we’ve made our software smarter about the roles played by all the investors in a deal. Now data can be displayed from the perspective of your firm, other outside investors, or all investors as a group.

With so many ways to collaborate, it’s time to build reports worth sharing. Cobalt has been working on this, too. We’ve published a white paper outlining the five essential dashboards every private equity manager needs. You’ll see the best ways to organize information about a portfolio company’s financial performance, valuation, marketing, and ESG commitments. There’s even an overview dashboard designed for the Monday morning partners’ meeting.

Download your copy of the white paper here: